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Sadly, the Medal Page is on indefinate hold. Work restrictions don't give me the time to update for now. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and check out the LINKS!

Cheapness & Beautiful Links

The Boy George Homepage
This is Laura Walker's page and a great place for pictures and news. She updates it OFTEN so stop BY often!
The Devil In Sister George
Great Pictures and info. For my money, she and Laura have the best BG pages on the net! Also updated often.
Mostly text. This is a good history lesson for you Chitlins who came in late or are too young to know the full drama that was (and IS) Culture Club.
Odowd's Boy George Homepage
Oh man, this one just KEEPS getting better!
Spin Dazzle
A really original 'eastern' look page obviously quite influenced by George's Generations of Love period.
Il Adore
A really moving site. Also check out her other pages, this is great stuff!
Babs Bunny's Boy George Site
Great graphics and lotsa info. Babs has a great sense of humor!
Lyrically Speaking
Culture Club lyrics, including B-Sides. Go find out what all that chanting was on Love Twist.
Culture Club's HomePage
Lot's of great classic pictures, plenty of stuff to see here.
A Human League page. They really got the crowd pumped in Atlanta so give them a look-see at this cool site.